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Pennsylvania Classic Car insurance coverage

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Classic Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Here at The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, we know a thing or two about classic car insurance coverage and we can help you find the right amount of coverage for your classic car.

What's a Cruiser to Do?

Even if you already love hot rods, having a rubbernecker crash into you while they admire your baby's classic lines is not a fortuitous beginning. Before the unthinkable happens, bop on over to The Good Insurance Group LLC for a tuneup on your insurance coverage. We'll have you and your true blue sipping Cokes at the sock hop before your policy prints.

Minimum Coverages Equals Maximum Heartache

The Pennsylvania liability insurance coverage requirement follows the 15-30-5 standard, and that's just for what you pay the other driver. That barely covers the chrome rims and wheel covers on your car, when you consider its production year and overall condition, restored or not. Stop by our office at The Good Insurance Group LLC, and we will help you decide what coverage you need to protect your precious classic vehicle from weather damage, accidents, and theft.

Classic Cruisers and Crash Protection

Even the strictest car clubs keep their cool about adding safety features such as seat belts, brake upgrades, modified steering, high-performance tires, and unobtrusive backup cameras when properly installed by professionals. Insurance underwriters love those features, as well. You may qualify for significant discounts, so bring your car's maintenance history and sit down with our highly-qualified Bloomsburg, PA insurance agents to see what coverage will serve you best and save you some cabbage.


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