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Pennsylvania recreational insurance coverage

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Recreational Insurance in Pennsylvania

Recreational insurance is a special type of insurance available to cover vehicles that are owned and used for recreational purposes. You should have a good recreational insurance policy in Bloomsburg, PA to protect your recreational assets and cover your liabilities.

Boats and Watercraft

A homeowner's insurance policy might offer some coverage for smaller watercraft stored on the property in question. However, such a policy will typically not offer full coverage, have certain coverage limits that it won't go over, and not offer coverage when the watercraft is used off the property.

That's why purchasing recreational insurance to cover one's boats and watercraft is important. Among the possible expenses covered by a recreational insurance policy offering coverage for watercraft is coverage for expenses resulting from bodily injury and property damage related to the use of the vehicle in question.

Antique vehicles

Insuring an antique vehicle is different in numerous ways from insuring a regular vehicle. Antique vehicles are usually not driven as frequently as everyday vehicles, so purchasing insurance coverage for them is usually less expensive.

Motorhomes, campers, and trailers

Having coverage for recreational vehicles like motorhomes, campers, and trailers is important. These types of vehicles are important for many consumers for providing shelter while traveling. Damage to such vehicles can be costly to repair.

Having recreational insurance to cover vehicles like motorhomes allows consumers to protect the investment they make in purchasing such vehicles.

Snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles

Insurance on recreational vehicles is typically not required if these vehicles are used only on private property. However, insurance coverage for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles is frequently required by law if such vehicles are used on public property.

If you'd like more information on recreational insurance policies available to you in Pennsylvania, contact us at The Good Insurance Group LLC to learn more about our policies.


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1033 Alliance Park Dr, Suite 201 
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