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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

In talking to some of our clients at The Good Insurance Group LLC, we have found that umbrella insurance is one of the terms they hear often, and perhaps have a general understanding of, but are lacking on the specifics. One thing that often surprises them when we explain umbrella insurance is that you must have insurance before you can purchase an umbrella insurance policy. That's right, you can't just go out and get coverage. One of the conditions for getting umbrella insurance in Pennsylvania, or any other state, is that you already have a standard insurance policy in place. And when they learn how important having umbrella coverage is, they're relieved to know that since we already insure their home or vehicles, these policies mean they qualify for it. And if you're reading this, chances are, you qualify too.

What Everyone Should Know About Umbrella Insurance

The purpose of purchasing umbrella insurance is so that you'll be covered should you find yourself liable for damages that exceed the limits on your homeowners or automobile insurance policies. So if you are found to be at fault in a car accident, and the damages sustained in the other guy's vehicle plus his medical costs add up to a sum greater than the limit on our auto insurance, you're liable for that excess unless you have umbrella insurance which will kick in at that point, and pay the rest.

This also applies should a visitor to your home suffer an injury found to be caused by negligence on your part, such as tripping over uneven pavement or badly cracked sidewalk on your property, something you've kept meaning to have repaired, but keep putting off. If the injuries require hospitalization and loss of employment for a period of time, a lawsuit could very well result in damages that go over what your homeowners' insurance will pay. Umbrella insurance to the rescue!

Is Umbrella Insurance a Good Idea for You?

That's a decision only you can make, but as you can see from the above examples, these are instances that can easily befall anyone in Bloomsburg, PA. Umbrella insurance will also cover you for situations neither your auto or home insurance will. To find out about these, and to have all your questions answered, give us a call or just come on in. At The Good Insurance Group LLC, we're always happy to talk to you.


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