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Pennsylvania Renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

A home is a home, whether rented or owned. It's where we relax, spend time with friends and family, and keep our most important possessions. In Pennsylvania, while homeowner’s insurance is mandatory if you have a mortgage, not all renters are required to carry renter’s insurance. This is too bad because many renters don't realize how valuable it is until after they've suffered a loss.

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

In 2016, according to the Pew Research Center, 65% of 18 to 35 year old’s and 41% of those aged 35-44 rented their homes. In Pennsylvania, renters include college students, retirees, young adults living with roommates or alone, and families. While students living in university housing may be covered under their parents' homeowner's policy, those living in off-campus dorms or apartments are not. Retirees in assisted living facilities need renter’s insurance, as their property isn't covered by the facility's policy. If you're renting an apartment or house, your landlord's insurance covers the structure itself, but not your possessions.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Your renter's insurance policy reimburses you when your personal property is lost or damaged in a fire, an act of vandalism or theft. It may also protect you from liability if someone is injured in your home. A little-known fact is that renter’s insurance may even cover incidents that happen outside your home, like theft from your vehicle or even in a location such as a restaurant. Policies vary, so be sure to check with a trusted local insurance agent like The Good Insurance Group LLC, in Bloomsburg, PA, for what is available in your area.

How Do I Get Renters Insurance?

With any kind of insurance, it's a good idea to comparison shop. If you have auto insurance, ask your agent about renter's policies. Then call or visit The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, to learn about our offerings.


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