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When Is Liability the Best Choice for Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance can feel like a bit of a minefield when you’re first getting started. It’s easy to choose based solely on price, which is why you may be considering liability for your policy. But as nice as the price may seem, it may not always be the right decision. The Good Insurance Group, LLC of Bloomsburg, PA wants everyone to have the facts so they don’t end up making a decision they regret. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if liability is the best choice for you. 

When Your Vehicle Is Paid Off

Liability-only is a policy that covers your car in case you hit someone else or damage another person’s property. It will not cover the damages for your car if you were the at-fault party. If you own your automobile, you’re free to make this decision on your own. However, if your car is leased or financed, your lender is going to want the additional protection. 

When You Have a Back-Up Plan 

If you rely on your car to get around, then liability may not be the best choice for you. If your car is severely damaged, you may not be able to get to work without the help of public transportation or the goodwill of friends or family. If you have a solid back-up plan for what will happen if your car is totaled, then liability could be a good choice. But you do need to think through the scenario before you decide on liability. 

The Good Insurance Group, LLC is here to help our clients get more from their insurance policies. If you have questions about the best type of auto insurance policy for you, visit our office in Bloomsburg, PA or give us a call today. We’re here to get you on your way.