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When should you review your auto insurance policy?

Your auto insurance makes driving your vehicle less stressful. You know that if you have an accident, you are covered. But, you may be surprised if you discover that your coverage is not what you expected. It is important to do reviews of your coverage to avoid those kinds of surprises. At The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, we encourage our customers to review their policies, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Most auto insurance policies are renewed yearly. When you receive your new insurance policy, whether in print or digitally, you will see that the front page is the declaration page. The declaration page details your coverage. It includes your liability coverage, your collision, and comprehensive coverage. It also consists of any add-ons you have added to your policy and lists your deductible. Each of these areas should be examined at least yearly to make sure that you have the amount of coverage that makes sense for you. 

If you notice that your policy rate has increased significantly, it is time to review your policy. You may not be able to see any reason for the increase, in which case you should call your insurance agent for an explanation. It may be time to look for a new carrier, or you may need to increase your deductible. 

If you add a new driver to your policy, you may want to increase your liability coverage, especially if it is a teen driver. If you are adding a new vehicle, you may want to make sure you have gap coverage to cover any gap between the policy value of your car and what you owe on your auto loan. 

Contact The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to discuss your auto insurance and do a review.