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Is a business owner’s policy right for my business?

A business owner’s policy (BOP) provides a business’s four most commonly needed insurance coverage types for a lower premium than buying them separately. The Good Insurance Group LLC offers BOPs to help Bloomsburg, PA business owners fully cover their businesses with the necessary insurance for less money. A BOP provides the four most common policies, but you can adjust the coverage amounts according to your business needs. Let’s take an in-depth look at this spectacular insurance product.

Buying a BOP

When you buy a BOP, your business receives the liability and equipment coverage needed to protect it from financial loss in most scenarios. A BOP includes General Liability, Commercial Property Perils, and Business interruption. To maximize your coverage, request all-perils coverage.

Adding Other Coverage

Businesses can use the BOP they buy as a foundation for adding other insurance coverage. Commonly added options include crime, fidelity, forgery, and spoilage of inventory insurance policies. More than 25 specialty types of commercial insurance exist so that you can tailor the coverage to your business needs.

Who Qualifies for BOPs?

Corporations and large companies cannot buy BOPs. This bundle of basic business insurance only goes to small and medium-sized businesses. Your business’ location, classification, and annual revenue also influence your qualification.

Contact Us for Your BOP

The Good Insurance Group LLC offers business owners policies to help protect Bloomsburg, PA businesses. Contact us today to apply for your BOP. We can help you determine the suitable insurance types to add so your business starts with the proper coverage.