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What Would an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Wondering whether you should purchase umbrella insurance? This form of coverage provides protection beyond the usual limits of a set of policies. In certain situations, unforeseen events come with property damage or an injury; this can sometimes lead to unexpected legal troubles or medical bills. At the Good Insurance Group LLC, we want to review what kind of insurance you can expect from an umbrella policy. 

Legal Troubles

Umbrella insurance is considered a type of liability coverage that financially protects you in legal situations. This includes anything from a lawsuit to legal consultation. If you’ve experienced an auto accident where one driver acted negligently or maliciously while on the road, that can result in a lawsuit that a regular auto insurance plan doesn’t cover. An umbrella policy covering liability claims will help you against that situation. 

Medical Bills

This insurance can also cover medical costs and hospital bills incurred from an accident. Many insurance plans tend to focus on property damage or possession loss of a perilous event while ignoring the personal injuries that incur from an accident. An umbrella clause would also ensure that a medical situation is paid for. 

Purchase Your Umbrella Insurance in Bloomsburg, PA

Are you interested in finding a decent umbrella policy in your insurance package? The Good Insurance Group provides quality insurance for the people of Bloomsburg. Contact us at 570-213-3367 to schedule an appointment with our team of experienced professionals. From there, we can discuss what our umbrella policies cover in an insurance plan and how that would help your situation.