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Required Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Specific auto insurance coverage is required in Pennsylvania, and you must carry proof of that insurance. If you don’t have the insurance that you need, or you want to shop for a new policy, call us at The Good Insurance Group, LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to speak with an agent. 

Liability Auto Coverage

Every vehicle in Pennsylvania must have a liability insurance policy. This comes with required minimums for bodily injury for each person in an accident, a minimum amount for bodily injury per accident, and a minimum amount for the property damage done in an accident. It also has an amount required for first-party medical benefits, medical benefits for you and your passengers.

Tort Options

A few states also have tort options that go with their auto insurance, and Pennsylvania is one. The choices for your insurance coverage are full tort or limited tort. With the full tort option, you will retain the right to sue the other party after an accident for any pain and suffering that you are left with. This tort choice generally has a higher premium payment. The limited-tort option greatly restricts your ability to sue another party for non-monetary damage- usually pain and suffering. However, you do retain the right to sue after an accident if there was a permanent disfigurement or death. The limited-tort option comes with a lower premium amount. 

Get Insured

If you need auto insurance in Pennsylvania, it can be hard to figure out all of the available choices and make sure that your coverage is enough to be legal. Give us a call at The Good Insurance Group, LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to make an appointment with an agent that can help you with your choices.