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Condo Insurance Options

Living in a condo is a convenient way of living, as you get the convenience of living in your own home while a lot of things are arranged for you. While your condo association should cover you for several types of damages, you should look into what they actually cover and what further condo insurance you need. 

If you want to look into condo insurance, you can call The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg PA for your quotes. We work with several providers so that you receive many quotes to choose from, and we can walk you through every one of them. 

What do condo associations usually cover?

While different condo complexes can differ a bit, in general, condo associations generally cover some of the following:

  • The general areas of your condo complex. Everything that is a shared space should be looked after by your condo association.
  • The structure of your condo.

So, for that reason, you should consider getting condo insurance to cover some of the following:

  • Personal liability insurance, in case someone else gets hurt on your property.
  • Insurance for your personal items.
  • In the case of an incident, like flooding or fire, you need to cover the costs of living somewhere else for a while. This is not always automatically covered by your condo association or other types of insurance, and you should discuss with your agent whether this needs to be included.

The above reasons are just some that you should consider getting covered for your condo. If you are ready to discuss insurance for your condo, call The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg PA. You can call us or request a quote on our contact form.