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Tips to keep your classic car running like it is brand new

If you’re a classic car enthusiast in the Bloomsburg, PA area, you know the importance of preserving your ride. Keeping your classic car running like it is new requires regular maintenance and careful attention to detail. Here are some tips from us at The Good Insurance Group LLC for keeping your classic car running smoothly: 

  1. Regular Oil Changes – Regular oil changes are essential for optimal engine performance. Be sure to use an oil designed specifically for classic cars, which will help keep the engine in tip-top shape. 
  2. Check Fluids – All fluids should be checked often to ensure they are at the proper levels. This includes coolants, antifreeze, brake fluids, power steering fluids, and transmission fluids. 
  3. Inspect Belts and Hoses – It’s essential to inspect belts and hoses regularly for signs of wear or damage. These components can quickly become cracked or frayed if not taken care of properly, so check them periodically and replace them when necessary. 
  4. Clean Engine Compartment – To help prevent corrosion and other problems from occurring in your engine compartment, clean it out regularly with a degreaser or other cleaning agent designed for engines. 
  5. Tune-Ups – Keep your classic car running like new by doing regular tune-ups every six months (or according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals). This will ensure that all systems are running at peak efficiency and that any minor problems can be addressed early on before they become major issues down the road. 

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Does My Classic Car Have To Be Kept In A Garage?

Keeping your classic car in a garage is essential to its long-term health and preservation. First and foremost, garages protect your vehicle from environmental hazards. These include sunlight, rainfall, dust, and pollution. They also keep your classic car safe from curious hands. Kids love to explore the world around them, but they don’t know about the delicate and precious things are that they touch. You also don’t risk your valuable car from theft or other risks. To inquire, The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA is your nearest pal. 

What Involves Keeping Your Classic Car  

Keeping your car in a garage is always recommended for its protection and preservation, but if you don’t have a garage or can’t put it in one, there are other ways to go about it. You want to keep it away from environmental hazards. Sunlight will fade the paint on your car, cause the seats to crack, and make the dashboard crack as well. Rain and snow will cause the same problems like direct sunlight, and in addition, it will rust the car. Your vehicle will have a longer lifespan if you protect it from the elements and maintain its cleanliness.

Depending on the make and model of your classic car, it may or may not have to be kept in a garage. As long as the car is maintained regularly, it can be driven year-round. However, if your classic car is a convertible model, then it is best to keep it indoors when not in use. Keeping the car in a garage will protect it from extreme temperatures and UV rays. It is also advisable to keep your classic car in a garage if it is a rare or high-end model. 

If you do not have the option of keeping your classic car in a garage, you can still protect it from the sun’s harmful rays by applying a car wax that blocks UV rays. If you live in a hot climate, you should also wax your car twice a year instead of once. While keeping your car in a garage whenever possible will help reduce the amount of wear and tear it experiences, it’s not imperative. If you park it in a shaded or well-ventilated location and clean it regularly to remove dirt and grime, your classic car will last a long time, even if it’s driven daily. 


Regular maintenance is imperative for the long-term health of your classic car. While it is not necessary to go to the expense and trouble of restoring your car to mint condition, keeping it in good working order is necessary. Regular maintenance includes oil changes, tire pressure checks, fluid top-ups, and other routine tasks that keep your car healthy and safe to drive. Get vital tips from The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA.

What vehicles qualify as classic cars?

What vehicles qualify as classic cars?

 You might think as your car ages that you might switch to classic car coverage. You might have heard that it costs less than regular auto coverage. It does, but your vehicle must meet certain criteria for classic car insurance. The Good Insurance Group LLC wants you to understand which vehicles in Bloomsburg, PA might qualify for classic car insurance.

What cars qualify for classic car insurance?

Most classic cars qualify by reaching the age of 25 years old or older. They also must qualify as rare though, as well as needing complete restoration before you purchase the insurance policy.

A rare or exotic car could only reach the age of 15 but still qualify for classic car insurance. It qualifies for its uniqueness.

When we say fully restored, that means that your vehicle contains all age-appropriate OEM parts. For example, you might purchase a used 1963 Corvette. You do not restore it but do repaint it. This does not qualify for classic car insurance. You need to restore the vehicle before it can qualify.

You purchase a kit to build a car that results in a replica of a rare, hard-to-find car. Your kit car, Model T, once complete, qualifies for classic car insurance. You cannot insure it while you build it though.

You also have to keep your vehicle in a garage to qualify. You need a relatively spotless driving record.

A Quick List of Qualifying Cars

While most of these vehicles are at least 25 years old or older, your vehicle of only 15 years of age could qualify for classic car insurance if it is rare. It must have been restored to its original condition though. Your insurer confirms this at an appraisal that also sets its replacement value. The types of vehicles that qualify include:

  • Antique farm equipment,
  • Classic military vehicles,
  • Antique or vintage motorcycles,
  • Collector cars made before 1980,
  • Collectible vehicles,
  • Modified street rods made before 1949,
  • Vintage vehicles made from 1919 to 1930.

Contact The Good Insurance Group LLC, serving Bloomsburg, PA to learn more about classic car insurance and to obtain a policy for your qualifying vehicle. Call us today.

Protect Your Classic Car With the Right Policy

It can be gratifying to have a classic car. Whether you’re a collector of them and have several, or you only have one that you’ve worked on for years, you want to make sure it’s protected the right way so you can enjoy it and have peace of mind at the same time. You can protect your assets with the right kind of classic car insurance from us at The Good Insurance Group, LLC. We want all of our Bloomsburg, PA area clients to get the quality and value they deserve in an insurance policy they can feel good about. There’s no need to settle for less than the right type and level of coverage for your classic car, no matter how you use it or how many of them you own.

A classic car can’t have the same type of policy as a regular car because classic cars aren’t as easily replaceable if something should happen to them. Getting parts or services for them can also be more difficult. But they still deserve adequate protection and can have the quality coverage they need to keep them safe. Protecting your assets is what insurance is all about, and when you have something unique like a classic car, it becomes all the more important to work with professionals who can help you get the right type and level of coverage for your needs.

If you’re in the Bloomsburg, PA area, we can help with your classic car insurance needs. Contact us today at The Good Insurance Group, LLC, and let our knowledgeable agents provide you with information and insight so you can make a wise decision about the coverage and protection for your classic car. We know that a classic car has a lot of sentimental importance in many cases, and we’ll work with you so you can feel comfortable with the coverage on your vehicle.