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How Do I Decide How Much Renters’ Insurance I Need?

You don’t want to lose the possessions you have in the house or apartment you rent to fire, theft, or some other calamity. We at the Good Insurance Group LLC urge you to buy renters’ insurance. How much you need depends on what your home inventory reveals.

Residents in Bloomsburg, PA, or any city can compile one by listing the contents of each room. Think TV, computer, furniture, clothing, and jewelry. Don’t forget smartphones.

Apps Simplify and Organize the Process

A better —and probably more accessible way—is to use technology. Research free and paid apps. They also let you store pictures. Some even allow you to scan QR codes.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) offers free apps for iOS and Android phones. Other apps include, but are not limited to, BluePlum Home Inventory, Encircle, My Stuff, and Sortly. Mememto Database is suitable for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Of course, having receipts helps to determine value. If you don’t have them, estimate the cost. If you have particularly valuable items, you probably have already had them appraised.

Even if you don’t use an app, take photos or videos of your possessions and record the make, model, and the serial number of each. Doing this establishes their existence and their condition before an incident.

Include any descriptive information, and record how old each item is. Add up the values to determine how much insurance you need. Do you want a policy that offers replacement value or one that factors in depreciation?

The Good Insurance Group LLC agents, which serves Bloomsburg, PA, can guide you in determining how much coverage you need. Contact us today.

Reasons to Buy Renters Insurance

If you just moved to Bloomsburg, PA, and are renting a property, it is smart to buy renters insurance. The Good Insurance Group LLC has seen many residents in this region avoid renters insurance only for them to suffer in some difficult situations. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to buy renters insurance. 

Provides Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the most important benefits as to why you should always consider buying renters insurance. If a visitor is injured while in your rented property, renters insurance can help handle all the associated medical expenses. Most insurance companies are ready to pay for such liabilities even when the house owner is not at fault. 

Provides Personal Property Coverage

In most cases, personal properties are some of the most valuable items that an individual has in a rented property. Therefore, it is important to consider protecting such items against possible perils such as fire and theft. If any of the insured uncertainty occurs, your renter’s insurance will be ready to cater for property coverage in cash value or replacement costs.

May Cover Additional Living Expenses

Some policies are ready to cover additional living expenses. If your renter’s insurance is willing to cover a significant proportion of your heating bills, there is no doubt that you should have a beneficial policy. It will lower your living expenses when most of the families are struggling to cater to their families and pay for various living expenses.

The Good Insurance Group LLC is one of the leading insurance organizations offering renters insurance in Bloomsburg, PA. As a proud provider of renters insurance, we have reliable policies and are ready to help our customers find great coverage.

Three things renters insurance should cover

If you are a renter, you should understand what renters insurance is and consider whether you need it. We provide renters insurance in Bloomsburg, PA at The Good Insurance Group, LLC.

One important thing to understand is what types of possessions a renters insurance policy will cover. The following are three things that a renters insurance policy will cover. 

Damages resulting from a fire

A fire at your rental property could quickly destroy all your possessions. If you have valuable possessions that you keep at your rental property, a fire could cost you a lot of money without renters insurance coverage.

With renters insurance, you will be reimbursed for any possessions that you lose in a fire. 

Damages resulting from theft or vandalism

Another event at your rental property that could be extremely costly for you is theft. Renters insurance can compensate you for any possessions that are taken from your rental property in a burglary. 

Renters’ insurance policies will also typically cover you for vandalism. Vandalism can deface and destroy valuable property. Fortunately, renters’ insurance will compensate you for these damages. 

Liability expenses that come up for tenants

Liability expenses are perhaps one of the most costly and unpredictable types of expenses that a tenant can face.

As a tenant, you can be held liable for any injury or property damage that takes place at your rental property. Fortunately, renters insurance provides liability coverage for tenants. This is one of the biggest reasons why renters need a renters insurance policy. 

At The Good Insurance Group, LLC, we provide renters insurance policies in Bloomsburg, PA. If you’re interested in purchasing renters insurance from us, get in touch with us to learn more about our policy options.