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The Dangers of Not Investing in a Renters Insurance Policy

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Approximately 55% of American renters are protected against personal property damage and liability claims via renters insurance. If you’re currently unprotected, consider learning about and obtaining renters insurance in Bloomsburg, PA, through our team at The Good Insurance Group LLC.

Potential Risks & Consequences If Uncovered

Going without renters insurance could expose you to several risks and consequences, as discussed below.

Violation of Lease Terms

Though having renters insurance isn’t legally necessary in Pennsylvania, many landlords mandate tenants to keep it. A close perusal of your lease’s terms could show whether your lease requires renters insurance.

Risk of Heavy Financial Burden

If a fire or theft causes property damage, you’d need to bear the cost of replacing lost or damaged belongings without renters’ insurance. However, renters insurance offers a protective financial shield, negating out-of-pocket costs for recovery or replacement.

Undermining Your Peace of Mind

Living without renters insurance could cause you to constantly worry about the security of your rental property and belongings. However, obtaining an appropriate renters insurance policy can restore your peace of mind.

Securing Your Renters Insurance Policy

Interested in gaining the assurance that renters insurance provides? Contact us at The Good Insurance Group LLC to learn how you can safeguard your rental property in Bloomsburg, PA.