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How Do I Decide How Much Renters’ Insurance I Need?

You don’t want to lose the possessions you have in the house or apartment you rent to fire, theft, or some other calamity. We at the Good Insurance Group LLC urge you to buy renters’ insurance. How much you need depends on what your home inventory reveals.

Residents in Bloomsburg, PA, or any city can compile one by listing the contents of each room. Think TV, computer, furniture, clothing, and jewelry. Don’t forget smartphones.

Apps Simplify and Organize the Process

A better —and probably more accessible way—is to use technology. Research free and paid apps. They also let you store pictures. Some even allow you to scan QR codes.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) offers free apps for iOS and Android phones. Other apps include, but are not limited to, BluePlum Home Inventory, Encircle, My Stuff, and Sortly. Mememto Database is suitable for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Of course, having receipts helps to determine value. If you don’t have them, estimate the cost. If you have particularly valuable items, you probably have already had them appraised.

Even if you don’t use an app, take photos or videos of your possessions and record the make, model, and the serial number of each. Doing this establishes their existence and their condition before an incident.

Include any descriptive information, and record how old each item is. Add up the values to determine how much insurance you need. Do you want a policy that offers replacement value or one that factors in depreciation?

The Good Insurance Group LLC agents, which serves Bloomsburg, PA, can guide you in determining how much coverage you need. Contact us today.