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Navigating Classic Car Insurance for Historic Vehicle Enthusiasts

Classic car owners understand that their cars are pieces of history. They feel a strong sense of duty to preserve and protect their vehicle. Given that the car is often their prized possession, they recognize the need for appropriate insurance that caters to their unique needs.

Finding the Right Policy

To get your classic car insured, you must know its value. This type of insurance differs from standard auto insurance. Standard vehicles tend to depreciate over time, whereas classic cars usually appreciate. It’s vital to ensure you’d receive fair compensation for your classic car if anything were to happen.

Getting Your Classic Car Appraised

Some insurance companies require a professional appraisal before they insure your car. Therefore, you’ll need to engage a certified appraiser to assess the value of your car. Your insurance company may be able to recommend where to find one. Alternatively, you could contact The Good Insurance Group LLC if you’re based in or near Bloomsburg, PA.

Key components of an appraisal should include:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Any unique features or modifications
  • The exterior conditions, including paint quality and the presence of rust
  • The condition of the interior, such as upholstery, carpeting
  • The mechanical condition of the engine, transmission, etc.
  • Results from a test drive focusing on performance and handling
  • Evidence of service records, receipts, restoration efforts, and previous appraisals
  • A market analysis
  • Photographs of both the exterior and interior of the car
  • An appraisal value determined based on the above factors

Choosing the Appropriate Policy for Your Classic Car

Mileage restrictions could be an important factor when choosing the right policy. Because classic cars typically aren’t used for daily commutes but are instead kept for enjoyable drives, you need to be cognizant of any mileage limits that could affect your policy.

Bear in mind that your policy options might stipulate specific storage requirements. Some policies might insist you store your car in climate-controlled facilities, while others might be okay with you storing your classic car in a secure garage.

If you reside in Bloomsburg, PA, and are interested in discussing your options regarding your classic car, please give us a call! Our team of experts at The Good Insurance Group LLC is always ready to help answer any questions you have.