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When To Update Your Automotive Umbrella Insurance Policy

Knowing When to Update Your Automotive Umbrella Policy

Understanding the instances when your automotive umbrella policy should be updated can ensure you have the necessary liability protection. At The Good Insurance Group LLC, our agents can assist with your umbrella coverage modifications.

Reflecting on Accident Costs

If you were previously liable for an accident, your umbrella insurance policy should have handled some of the costs. If it didn’t provide as much coverage as needed, you likely had to pay large fees out of pocket. Reflect on past accident costs to consider if you need to increase your insurance coverage. Utilize an online insurance calculator tool to compare umbrella insurance rates.

Considering New Vehicles

Changes to your fleet may necessitate adjustments in your insurance coverage. If you acquire new vehicles, factor in each vehicle’s cost. The value of each vehicle will guide you in selecting an umbrella insurance policy that provides suitable coverage.

Accounting for New Drivers

Hiring new drivers calls for modifications to your existing insurance coverage. Consider investing in an umbrella insurance policy that provides additional liability protection.

Adjusting to Altered Travel Plans

Changes in your travel plans should prompt alterations in your insurance policy. If you start using your fleet on a daily basis or increase the amount of driving your fleet drivers do, your need for increased insurance coverage may rise. Update your existing insurance policy whenever you alter your travel plans.

An umbrella insurance policy can provide you with an additional layer of protection. Reach out to one of our trusted agents serving Bloomsburg, PA, today. The Good Insurance Group LLC agent will help prepare your umbrella insurance policy.