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Three Ways Home Insurance Protects You

If you own your own home, it’s a great feeling to have that independence. However, if you don’t have home insurance, that independence could be lost. If you do not yet have a home insurance policy on your home, we can help. Call us at The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to find out more. 

It Protects Your Home

Home insurance policies cover your home in case of a disaster or accident that causes it damage. Home repairs can be expensive, and home insurance can pay for many of the repairs needed after a calamity or other incident that results in damage. This insurance can save you from having to pay for those repairs out of pocket. It’s vital that you have this coverage if you own a home.

It Protects Your Belongings

Your home insurance protects more than just your home- it also protects your possessions. This coverage will help you to replace items lost in an accident, disaster or other serious problems that ruin your belongings. Starting over again with no possessions would be incredibly difficult without this type of insurance coverage. 

It Protects Your Liability

Another way that home insurance protects you is to protect you against lawsuits that come from someone having an accident or sickness in your home. When someone falls sick or gets an injury, you can be judged liable for the expenses that result from it. With a home insurance policy, these medical bills are paid for you.

Get and Keep Home Insurance

Having home insurance is generally required by any lender who issued a mortgage. But, it’s also important to have it if you didn’t finance your house. To find out more about the protection this insurance gives you, call us at The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA.

What vehicles qualify as classic cars?

What vehicles qualify as classic cars?

 You might think as your car ages that you might switch to classic car coverage. You might have heard that it costs less than regular auto coverage. It does, but your vehicle must meet certain criteria for classic car insurance. The Good Insurance Group LLC wants you to understand which vehicles in Bloomsburg, PA might qualify for classic car insurance.

What cars qualify for classic car insurance?

Most classic cars qualify by reaching the age of 25 years old or older. They also must qualify as rare though, as well as needing complete restoration before you purchase the insurance policy.

A rare or exotic car could only reach the age of 15 but still qualify for classic car insurance. It qualifies for its uniqueness.

When we say fully restored, that means that your vehicle contains all age-appropriate OEM parts. For example, you might purchase a used 1963 Corvette. You do not restore it but do repaint it. This does not qualify for classic car insurance. You need to restore the vehicle before it can qualify.

You purchase a kit to build a car that results in a replica of a rare, hard-to-find car. Your kit car, Model T, once complete, qualifies for classic car insurance. You cannot insure it while you build it though.

You also have to keep your vehicle in a garage to qualify. You need a relatively spotless driving record.

A Quick List of Qualifying Cars

While most of these vehicles are at least 25 years old or older, your vehicle of only 15 years of age could qualify for classic car insurance if it is rare. It must have been restored to its original condition though. Your insurer confirms this at an appraisal that also sets its replacement value. The types of vehicles that qualify include:

  • Antique farm equipment,
  • Classic military vehicles,
  • Antique or vintage motorcycles,
  • Collector cars made before 1980,
  • Collectible vehicles,
  • Modified street rods made before 1949,
  • Vintage vehicles made from 1919 to 1930.

Contact The Good Insurance Group LLC, serving Bloomsburg, PA to learn more about classic car insurance and to obtain a policy for your qualifying vehicle. Call us today.

What is Recreational Insurance?

Most owners of recreational toys—campers, RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and other off-road vehicles—do not know much about recreational insurance, much less how to start looking for a policy. If you are a seasoned adventurer or a first-time explorer, it is important to consider insurance coverage for your recreational toys.

Here at The Good Insurance Group LLC., serving the Bloomsburg, PA area, we can help you navigate those rough trails or waters. Recreational insurance covers many aspects of your recreational toys—damage, theft, vandalism, or other disasters. But did you know that recreational insurance also covers you if someone else is injured in an accident with your vehicle? It does. We all know that the unexpected can happen, and that is why we encourage you to consider policy options for your recreational toys.

While recreational insurance is not mandatory everywhere, it is important to know whether or not you are required to have it by law. And some lien negotiations may also require insurance. If you currently have recreational insurance, it is important to look over your policy to see if it is still the best fit for you. Your current policy might not protect everything that you want it to, or it may be out of date. Speaking with a Good Insurance Group, LLC. an agent can answer all these questions and more. That way you can spend more time having fun on your adventures rather than stressing about the ‘what if’ scenarios or emergencies.

To find out more about recreational insurance or to find the right policy for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Good Insurance Group, LLC., serving Bloomsburg. PA. We are happy to answer any questions regarding recreational insurance you may have as well as discuss our coverage options.

Reasons to Buy Renters Insurance

If you just moved to Bloomsburg, PA, and are renting a property, it is smart to buy renters insurance. The Good Insurance Group LLC has seen many residents in this region avoid renters insurance only for them to suffer in some difficult situations. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to buy renters insurance. 

Provides Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the most important benefits as to why you should always consider buying renters insurance. If a visitor is injured while in your rented property, renters insurance can help handle all the associated medical expenses. Most insurance companies are ready to pay for such liabilities even when the house owner is not at fault. 

Provides Personal Property Coverage

In most cases, personal properties are some of the most valuable items that an individual has in a rented property. Therefore, it is important to consider protecting such items against possible perils such as fire and theft. If any of the insured uncertainty occurs, your renter’s insurance will be ready to cater for property coverage in cash value or replacement costs.

May Cover Additional Living Expenses

Some policies are ready to cover additional living expenses. If your renter’s insurance is willing to cover a significant proportion of your heating bills, there is no doubt that you should have a beneficial policy. It will lower your living expenses when most of the families are struggling to cater to their families and pay for various living expenses.

The Good Insurance Group LLC is one of the leading insurance organizations offering renters insurance in Bloomsburg, PA. As a proud provider of renters insurance, we have reliable policies and are ready to help our customers find great coverage.

A Guide To Help Pennsylvania Residents Find Flood Insurance

The Good Insurance Group LLC offers insurance coverage to Bloomsburg, PA residents. We strive to ensure that our clients find the right policies for their individual needs. We use our status as an independent insurance agency to offer personalized coverage. We work with multiple carriers across the country.

Flood Insurance Guide

Flood insurance is something that you should definitely consider. As a Bloomsburg, PA resident, you are aware that the area is prone to severe weather. Heavy rainfall impacts the Susquehanna River and the local fishing creek. The result is often elevated water levels that cause property damage. Flood insurance covers your property if the heavy rains and melting snow damage it in the winter.

Flood insurance also covers your possessions. You are covered if your personal items inside your home are damaged due to severe flooding. Remember that you may need to inquire about extra coverage if you have luxury items inside your property. That is the only way to cover those items fully.

Flood insurance coverage also protects you if your property has to be repaired due to flood damage. You can add temporary housing coverage to assist you as you find another place to stay while your property is repaired.

Make sure that you read the terms of your flood insurance policy carefully. The cause of the damage is important. If your property is damaged due to a plumbing issue, you are not covered under your flood insurance policy. Flood insurance policies contain detailed language that lists flooding as excess water on dry land. Also, keep in mind that there will be a grace period before your flood insurance coverage starts. Avoid waiting until a storm is moving into the area to start looking for coverage.  

The Good Insurance Group LLC Will Help You Find Coverage

Visit our website to learn more information about flood insurance.

Do You Have a Teen Driver at Home? Then You May Need Umbrella Insurance

Do you have a teen driver at home? As our kids get older, our risk level increases as they’re exposed to more hazards out on the road. Here at The Good Insurance Group, LLC, we want to make sure all Bloomsburg, PA parents have the coverage they need. Keep reading to learn more about umbrella insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a funny play on words. It is a special type of liability policy that extends over your home and auto insurance to give you more coverage in the event of a serious claim.

As a parent of a teen driver, you have an increased risk that the child you’re legally responsible for could cause a major accident while driving a vehicle you own. If this happens and your standard policies do not have enough coverage, you could be sued for the remaining amount and have to pay for damages out-of-pocket if they’re above your limits.

Fatality crashes involving youthful drivers happen every day in our country. Even if your child isn’t the one at fault, there could be some liability involved if they have friends in the car or make simple mistakes during the incident. Instead, it is better to have an umbrella of coverage as added financial protection. 

Protect Your Family with Umbrella Insurance

There are other circumstances when having umbrella coverage is vital, but having a youthful driver in your household is one of the most critical. If you have a teen driver at home, it is important to have a conversation with your trusted Bloomsburg, PA insurance agent. Please contact our team at The Good Insurance Group, LLC to schedule an appointment to talk about umbrella insurance coverage.

Will Condo Insurance Protect a Guest’s Belongings?

Like home insurance, a typical condo insurance policy for your Bloomsburg, PA home is going to provide some basic coverage for a guest’s belongings up to a certain limit. But… it depends.

Do They Have Their Own Insurance?

If your guests have their own dwelling insurance, then their insurer will probably be the one covering the damages. This is a benefit of home insurance, renters insurance, and condo insurance that many people are not aware of: Your possessions are covered even outside of the home.

That means that if you have something stolen from your car, and it’s on your inventory, then your insurance company is going to cover it.

Are They a Guest or a Tenant?

If someone is renting a room in your condo, then it gets a little more complicated. Typically, their possessions would be covered under a renters insurance policy that they buy themselves.

In this case, it basically breaks down like any tenant/landlord scenario. You’d be responsible for broken windows, damaged water pipes, and so on, which is probably covered under the insurance you hold with your condo association. At the same time, they would be responsible for the possessions found inside the dwelling.

Are You Covered in the First Place?

Finally, it would be best if you made sure that you are actually covered. Remember that the insurance you buy through your condo association only covers the building itself. To cover what’s inside your Bloomsburg, PA condo, you’ll need to get in touch with The Good Insurance Group LLC and see about a condo insurance policy.

The Good Insurance Group LLC can provide you and your guests with protection and peace of mind.

What type of life insurance is right for me?

There are many important forms of insurance that the typical person needs to get. When you are in the Bloomsburg, PA area, one important form of insurance coverage to consider getting is life insurance. As you are looking for a new life insurance policy, you could find a lot of options to consider. One form of insurance coverage to consider getting is life insurance. Most people that get this coverage will choose either a term or whole life policy, which has different features that could make one an ideal option for you and your situation.

Term Life

A term life policy has continued to be a trendy type of coverage that people frequently obtain. With a term policy, you will receive coverage for a specific amount of time that can be well over 20 years if you wish. You can also choose a coverage amount that meets your needs. A term policy is often more affordable than other options. 

Whole Life

With whole life, your policy will last for as long as you want if you continue to make payments. Further, a whole life policy has investment benefits that can help you build long-term wealth. Due to the investment benefits of this type of insurance, the monthly premiums are often more than they would be with a term policy. 

Picking the right life insurance policy in the Bloomsburg, PA area continues to be a significant decision. If you are looking for a new policy here, it would be a good idea to call The Good Insurance Group LLC. The insurance professionals at The Good Insurance Group LLC will provide various benefits and services that can help you choose the right policy that meets your needs. 

Required Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Specific auto insurance coverage is required in Pennsylvania, and you must carry proof of that insurance. If you don’t have the insurance that you need, or you want to shop for a new policy, call us at The Good Insurance Group, LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to speak with an agent. 

Liability Auto Coverage

Every vehicle in Pennsylvania must have a liability insurance policy. This comes with required minimums for bodily injury for each person in an accident, a minimum amount for bodily injury per accident, and a minimum amount for the property damage done in an accident. It also has an amount required for first-party medical benefits, medical benefits for you and your passengers.

Tort Options

A few states also have tort options that go with their auto insurance, and Pennsylvania is one. The choices for your insurance coverage are full tort or limited tort. With the full tort option, you will retain the right to sue the other party after an accident for any pain and suffering that you are left with. This tort choice generally has a higher premium payment. The limited-tort option greatly restricts your ability to sue another party for non-monetary damage- usually pain and suffering. However, you do retain the right to sue after an accident if there was a permanent disfigurement or death. The limited-tort option comes with a lower premium amount. 

Get Insured

If you need auto insurance in Pennsylvania, it can be hard to figure out all of the available choices and make sure that your coverage is enough to be legal. Give us a call at The Good Insurance Group, LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to make an appointment with an agent that can help you with your choices.

Should I get commercial insurance for my company?

Owning a company in the Bloomsburg, PA area is a great option for anyone who dreams of being a small business owner. If you would like to own a property in this area of Pennsylvania, it continues to be very important that you properly protect it with insurance. There are several reasons why you should get a commercial insurance policy when you are trying to build and manage your company.

Insurance Can Provide Valued Protection

One advantage of having commercial insurance is that it can provide you with more valuable coverage to protect your business. With commercial insurance coverage, you will be able to get both liability protection and coverage for all business assets. If there is ever an incident that results in damage or a liability claim, this could prove to be extremely beneficial.

Insurance Can Make you More Marketable.

Another reason that you should get commercial insurance is that it can make you more marketable. As a business owner, you need to provide assurances to your customer that you will complete good work and will be able to cover any mistakes made. If you have a commercial insurance policy with a liability policy, it will mean that you have the capacity to fix your mistakes, which could provide assurances to customers. 

When you are looking to build a commercial insurance policy in the Bloomsburg, PA area, it will be very beneficial to speak with someone that can help you guide your decision. The team at The Good Insurance Group, LLC can give you the insight and advice that you need to get into a quality insurance policy. When you speak with The Good Insurance Group, LLC, you can learn a lot more about how commercial insurance can protect your organization and keep you strong and solvent for years to come.