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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

When someone rents a house or an apartment, there are usually some requirements that the landlord or the state has. One of these requirements is probably insurance. While the state might not require tenants to have renters insurance, most landlords require it before you can sign the lease. If you are new to renting, you might not know what all renters insurance covers. Here are some everyday things renters insurance covers across most insurance companies.

Personal belongings

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you most likely have personal items to put into your home. Personal belongings refer to the things you own, such as clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. One of the most well-known parts of renters insurance is coverage for personal belongings.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is a common type of coverage across all types of insurance, including renters insurance. For example, you have a guest over at your home. They are walking on the front steps, and they trip and fall. Your guest ends up breaking their leg and has medical bills because of it. Liability coverage pays for the medical bills and any possible lawsuits from the accident.

Medical bills and legal fees add up quickly. Without liability coverage, you would be stuck paying for all of those expenses by yourself, potentially draining whatever savings you have.

Additional living expenses

Sometimes something like a natural disaster or a fire happens, leaving you without a livable place. Suppose the site you are renting becomes unlivable. In that case, your insurance can help you with the additional living costs, including hotel rooms and food, until your home gets fixed and becomes livable again.

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Why flood insurance might be important in Pennsylvania

How Do You Know if Your Home is at Risk of Flooding?

A sump pump is not enough protection if the water table and flood water rise in your area. That’s why FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). They also provide extensive maps and information about local area flood risks. Pennsylvania has released online tools to determine your estimated flood risk, so you can dig in and discover how important flood insurance might be to people in your area.

Obtaining Flood Insurance is Convenient

At The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, as with most insurance agencies like ours, we provide flood insurance along with all our other coverages, making purchasing convenient. We’ll also be glad to discuss why it might be vital for you personally and share our knowledge about our local area and its risks. Ultimately, the decision is yours since flood insurance is not generally required. One important exception to that is when your mortgage lender requires flood insurance due to your property’s location in a FEMA-identified higher-risk area.

What Risks Do You Face From Floods in Pennsylvania?

FEMA estimates that only one inch of floodwater can cause up to $25,000 in damage. Coverage for floods is not typically included in homeowners’ policies, so you have to take action on it separately. Depending on your needs, you can select different types that cover buildings, their contents, or both. At The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, we can help you think about what you need to cover and any other insurance that could help you ride out the storm of a severe or mild flooding event.

What Would an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Wondering whether you should purchase umbrella insurance? This form of coverage provides protection beyond the usual limits of a set of policies. In certain situations, unforeseen events come with property damage or an injury; this can sometimes lead to unexpected legal troubles or medical bills. At the Good Insurance Group LLC, we want to review what kind of insurance you can expect from an umbrella policy. 

Legal Troubles

Umbrella insurance is considered a type of liability coverage that financially protects you in legal situations. This includes anything from a lawsuit to legal consultation. If you’ve experienced an auto accident where one driver acted negligently or maliciously while on the road, that can result in a lawsuit that a regular auto insurance plan doesn’t cover. An umbrella policy covering liability claims will help you against that situation. 

Medical Bills

This insurance can also cover medical costs and hospital bills incurred from an accident. Many insurance plans tend to focus on property damage or possession loss of a perilous event while ignoring the personal injuries that incur from an accident. An umbrella clause would also ensure that a medical situation is paid for. 

Purchase Your Umbrella Insurance in Bloomsburg, PA

Are you interested in finding a decent umbrella policy in your insurance package? The Good Insurance Group provides quality insurance for the people of Bloomsburg. Contact us at 570-213-3367 to schedule an appointment with our team of experienced professionals. From there, we can discuss what our umbrella policies cover in an insurance plan and how that would help your situation. 

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Condo Safe When You’re Out of Town

Vacations are a great way to relax and unwind but can expose your home to theft or damage. Condo owners in Bloomsburg, PA need to take extra steps to ensure their belongings are safe while away. Here are three tips from The Good Insurance Group LLC on protecting your condo when you’re not around.

Tip #1: Make it Appear as if Someone is at Home

Making it appear like someone is home while you are on vacation is a great way to protect your condo from potential break-ins. Automated light timers are an effective and affordable way to make your home appear occupied. They can be set to turn lights on and off at specific times, so it looks like someone is home. Additionally, you can also use automated blinds to open and close throughout the day. This makes it look like someone is moving around the house.

Tip #2: Don’t Advertise Your Trip on Social Media

Posting a future trip on social media can be very dangerous as it can alert potential burglars that you are away from home. Criminals often use social media to monitor people’s activities and can quickly determine when a person is away from home. This increases the chances of burglary, as criminals will know exactly when to break in and when no one is around to stop them.

Tip #3: Arrange for Someone to Check on Your Home

Having a trusted friend or family member check on your condo while on vacation is a great way to ensure that everything is in order and safe while you are away. This person can make sure that any mail or packages have been received, check for any signs of a break-in, take care of any maintenance issues that may arise, and even water your plants.

The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA is the go-to source for condo insurance. We understand the complexities of condo insurance and are here to help guide you through the process. We look forward to working with you to find a policy that fits your needs and budget.

What Is an Umbrella Policy and Why Would I Need One?

At The Good Insurance Group LLC, serving the greater Bloomsburg, PA area, one of the questions we are often asked regarding insurance products is what umbrella insurance is and when an individual or business owner would need to purchase this type of policy. Umbrella insurance can be a great way to protect yourself or your business. Read on to learn more about umbrella insurance and when it may be needed. 

What Is an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is essentially an insurance policy that insures all of your insurance products. The policy provides extra coverage in case a significant event happens and your insurance policy does not provide enough coverage for the incident. For example, if your home went down and flames and the cost to rebuild your home exceeds your home insurance policy, an umbrella policy would cover the difference between what your home insurance pays and what is needed to get your home back to its pre-accident state. 

Why Would Someone Need an Umbrella Policy? 

Someone will need an umbrella policy if they have assets they want to protect. An umbrella policy is most commonly used if you or your business are sued, and the damages exceed your insurance limits. This helps to ensure you will not be held liable for the costs of defending the lawsuit and a huge payout, helping to protect your assets. 

Umbrella Insurance helps provide extra insurance if an event exceeds your policy limits. If you live in or around Bloomsburg, PA, let The Good Insurance Group LLC, sit down with you and explain more of the benefits of an umbrella policy and how it can specifically benefit you. Schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call. 

Does the HOA Fee Include Condo Insurance in Bloomsburg?

As a condo owner in Bloomsburg, PA, you are likely familiar with the monthly HOA fee. But what exactly does that fee cover? Read on to determine whether your HOA fee includes condo insurance.

What is an HOA Fee?

An HOA fee is a monthly charge that all condo owners must pay. This fee goes towards the upkeep of common areas and amenities and the salary of any on-site staff. In some cases, an HOA fee may also include insurance for the building itself. However, this is not always the case—and in most cases, it does not have insurance for individual units.

Do I Need Condo Insurance?

Yes, you should have condo insurance even if your HOA fee includes building insurance. This is because your HOA policy will only cover damage to common areas and the building itself, not your personal belongings or unit. So, if a fire in your building destroyed your unit, your HOA policy would not cover any damage.

Condo insurance from The Good Insurance Group LLC protects you from financial damage caused by fires, theft, vandalism, and weather damage. It also covers you if someone is injured while in your unit. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are protected in an emergency.

If you’re a condo owner in Bloomsburg, PA, it’s essential to know what your monthly HOA fee covers—and doesn’t cover. An HOA fee usually does not include insurance for individual units. That’s why it’s so essential to have condo insurance. Condo insurance protects you from financial damage caused by fires, theft, vandalism, and weather damage. It also covers you if someone is injured while in your unit.

Contact The Good Insurance Group LLC today for more information about condo insurance. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the right policy for your needs.

Protect Your Family’s Future with Life Insurance

The purpose of life insurance is to protect your family’s financial security. It’s unlikely that a savings account would be enough to cover your family’s expenses for years or decades if something were to happen to you. If you live in the Bloomsburg, PA area, let The Good Insurance Group LLC help you obtain the protection your family deserves.

Life insurance is basically a contract between the policyholder and the insured where the insurer pays the beneficiary a sum of money upon the policyholder’s death. Depending on the contract, critical or terminal illness can also result in payment.

There are three types of life insurance:

  • Term Life – a simple form of life insurance, you pay a premium for a period of typically 10 to 30 years. If you die during that time, a cash benefit is then paid to your beneficiary.
  • Whole Life – this policy is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire life as long as the premiums are paid or to the maturity date.
  • Universal Life – the insured person is covered for the duration of their life if the premiums are paid and they fulfill any other requirements needed to maintain coverage.

Affordable term life insurance is best bought while in your 20s. An individual is healthier and poses less risk to an insurance company. But it is important to remember that accidents and devastating illnesses can happen to anyone at any age.

Don’t let your loved ones remain wanting in the event of your death. A life insurance policy from The Good Insurance Group LLC can provide them with the security they need and deserve. Contact them today for a quote or answer any questions you may have. You will be glad you did. And so will your family.

When should you review your auto insurance policy?

Your auto insurance makes driving your vehicle less stressful. You know that if you have an accident, you are covered. But, you may be surprised if you discover that your coverage is not what you expected. It is important to do reviews of your coverage to avoid those kinds of surprises. At The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA, we encourage our customers to review their policies, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Most auto insurance policies are renewed yearly. When you receive your new insurance policy, whether in print or digitally, you will see that the front page is the declaration page. The declaration page details your coverage. It includes your liability coverage, your collision, and comprehensive coverage. It also consists of any add-ons you have added to your policy and lists your deductible. Each of these areas should be examined at least yearly to make sure that you have the amount of coverage that makes sense for you. 

If you notice that your policy rate has increased significantly, it is time to review your policy. You may not be able to see any reason for the increase, in which case you should call your insurance agent for an explanation. It may be time to look for a new carrier, or you may need to increase your deductible. 

If you add a new driver to your policy, you may want to increase your liability coverage, especially if it is a teen driver. If you are adding a new vehicle, you may want to make sure you have gap coverage to cover any gap between the policy value of your car and what you owe on your auto loan. 

Contact The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA to discuss your auto insurance and do a review. 

How To Choose the Right Commercial Insurance for Your Company

Like most business owners in Bloomsburg, PA, you know that having the right commercial insurance is important. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right policy for your company? The Good Insurance Group LLC is here to help. We offer a wide range of commercial insurance policies from some of the leading providers in the industry. And we’ll work with you to find the policy that best meets your needs and budget. Here are a few things to remember when shopping for commercial insurance.

The Type of Business You Operate

The first step in finding the right commercial insurance policy is to determine the type of business you operate. Are you a manufacturing company? A retail store? A service provider? The business you operate will significantly impact the risks you face and the coverage you need.

For example, manufacturing companies will need product liability insurance to protect against claims from products they produce. On the other hand, service companies will need professional liability insurance to protect against claims arising from their services.

The Coverage You Need

The types of coverage available vary depending on the insurer, but most policies will offer some combination of property damage, liability, workers’ compensation, and business interruption insurance.

You’ll also want to consider optional coverage, such as product liability or professional liability insurance, depending on the type of business you operate.

The Cost of Coverage

The cost of commercial insurance will vary depending on the size and type of business you operate, the coverage you need, and the insurer you choose. Compare rates from multiple insurers to ensure you get the best possible price.

The Good Insurance Group LLC in Bloomsburg, PA can help you find the right commercial insurance policy for your business. Contact us today to get started.

What is the reason to get home insurance in Pennsylvania?

Owning real estate has continued to be a good investment and housing option for those that reside in the Bloomsburg, PA area. When you are a property owner, having a consistent place to call home and benefiting from value appreciation can be quite helpful. Getting the right insurance is necessary if you are a property owner. It would help if you got a home insurance plan in this town for various reasons. 

Cover Your Home

A primary reason for someone to get home insurance if they are in this state is to cover their home. If you are going to purchase a property, you will want to know if it is covered if you incur a loss. When you have home insurance protection, you will have support if your home is damaged in a fire or another situation resulting in a loss. 

Reduce Liability Risks

A property owner in this part of the state should also get insurance to reduce the risks associated with liability. Many liability risks can come with owning a home, and being named in a liability claim can come with many damages. If you are adequately insured with a home insurance policy, you can help to mitigate this risk moving forward. 

If you purchase your home in the Bloomsburg, PA area, you will also want to know that you are adequately insured. As there are a lot of choices to make when evaluating your insurance options, beginning the process by calling The Good Insurance Group LLC is a good option. The Good Insurance Group LLC team can give any support you need to select a policy and ensure you are appropriately covered.